February 2017

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Captain’s Lager

was created and developed by our master brewer using traditional European technique. This full flavored beer has an unassuming taste that appeals to the masses.

Dead Ahead Irish Red

is a unique blend of carefully selected roasted barley among other ingredients. Our Irish Red has a very clean finish with a buttery toffee flavor. We pride ourselves on the rich ruby red color and the high rating amongst customers.

Hazy Horizon Hefeweizen

is our secret recipe using some rare and unique grains. Hops, spices and yeast are carefully selected for this exquisite new blend That is all you get to know! Shhhh.


seasonal coming soon


Craft Brewing is a term that came about in the 1970’s, referring to small, independently owned breweries, with traditional techniques and methods for brewing small batches of beer, emphasizing the unique flavors and qualities of the beer.  There are four markets within the term “Craft Brewery”, with the first one being microbreweries, followed by brew pubs, regional craft brewery, and contract brewing.

In various parts of the world, one third of the small breweries have traditions going back up to 500 years, with about two thirds being founded in the last 25 years. The vast majority of small breweries operate in combination with a brewpub.

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high quality brewing

Take a tour of our Caravel brewery, and see how we make our specialty beers.  Our membership packages include a hands on guided tour, show casing the process & steps to make our craft beer.

Which grains we use, how the mash is done, when the hops are added to the boil, the mash conversion being converted to alcohol, and when the beer is filtered.  This all takes place right here, and we are happy to give you a tour of our fine Caravel brewery.

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“I was a lucky girl and got to taste this yummy beer as my Christmas present. I can't wait for the brewery to open!”- Kim A. drinking Irish Red
“Very nice. The honey balances the hops very well.” - Chris T. drinking Irish Red
“I liked the flavor. A hoppy taste but good hoppy taste. I’d have it again.”- Tyler S. drinking Irish Red
“Very unique flavour with a good mix of both genres.” - Nathan C. drinking a seasonal Ale / Lager (Hybrid)
“Really enjoyed this brew!”- Remi N. drinking Irish Red
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