A’boat’ Us

         Chris, Vlad, Fraser Tuff and Lindsay Reid at Big Winter Classic Event

Caravel Craft Brewery is based on a specially crafted ship, the Caravel, which was built originally for Portuguese explorers and eventually used by the Spanish in the 15th and 16th centuries. This ship conquered the headwinds with great ease allowing the explorers to survey previously unreachable regions of the globe; in doing so, they unexpectedly discovered Canada in their attempt to reach India.

Caravel Craft Brewery is powered by people who are truly passionate about beer flavor exploration. Vlad & Victoria Covali explored new land, moving from Eastern Europe to Canada, opening the possibilities for new positive environments, having brought with them a sense of diligent workmanship and resourceful attitude.

When Vlad associated with Chris Travis, it was truly an ‘east meets west’ connection; their mutual passion for beer was combined with a remarkable cultural exchange that steered the way for the Caravel Craft Brewery mission statement of new exploration on old brewing traditions. With over ten years of home brewing experience, Vlad’s enthusiasm for beer is contagious to all.

Chris & Claire Travis are born and bred Calgarians (a rare breed!) that were never satisfied with a sedentary life; this couple has traveled great distances to all edges of the world, fulfilling their curiosities with the next bucket-list trip. Chris & Claire are happy to pursue the exploration of taste through craft beer and collaborate brilliantly with their Eastern business partners and friends, the Covalis.

Our Mission

“To provide high quality craft beer, with new exploration on old brewing traditions and continued commitment to beer enjoyment.”

Claire and Vlad

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