Welcome to the opening offering of Caravel Craft Brewery Membership Program!

*For a limited time only: until December 31st, 2016*

The Caravel crew wanted to create an enjoyable, high-quality and explorative experience for supporters. The result is this three-tiered membership program: Globetrotter, One Way Ticket or Lost at Sea; granting choice to all levels of interest in our brewery. We wanted there to be obvious value for those who helped us launch, and we believe we have found a way with this limited offering to make it happen!


Step by step process to purchasing Membership:

1. Select Membership preference and Add to Cart
2. Proceed to Checkout
3. Complete Billing Details, Read ‘terms and conditions’ & Click the box saying you have read it
4. Proceed with the payment. Enter PayPal details or ‘Guest’ Credit Card details
5. Print the receipt and Bring it with your ID into Caravel Tasting Room when open, early 2017
6. Enjoy the Membership benefits!

As a member, what do I get?

You are entitled to all the benefits for the level of membership you purchase.  Please see the various levels for more information.

Will my membership auto renew?

No. Currently memberships are a one-time offer.

How can I pay?

All membership fees can be paid through PayPal. You don’t require a PayPal account to purchase through PayPal. MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted.

What are the extras offered?

Opening Offer of each tier includes 100 points / year, in which you can spend a maximum of 20 points / month towards your choice of pints or growlers. You can spend your points whichever way you wish.

1 Point = 1 Pint of Caravel Craft Beer

1 Point = Replacement growler (bottle only; so keep your bottles for refills!)

2 Points = 1 Growler refill of Caravel Craft Beer


You use your Membership with our staff:

You want to take home 2 growlers + drink 3 pints while here at the brewery. You received your first growler bottle with the membership, so when you bring it back to the brewery it only costs 2 points to refill. You decide to redeem your points for a second growler (and fill) plus 1 point for each of the 3 pints.

  • first growler = 2 points
  • second growler = 3 points (remembering that extra bottle is 1 point!)
  • 3 pints = 3 points

Total = 8 points used

Next time you are you in the brewery, you bring back your growler bottles to be refilled and get 3 pints of beer… it will only cost you 7 points!